Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Magical Glasshouse -Writing

The Colourful Glass house by Alice

Crash! the glass shattered into tiny pieces.  The glass went into the water and into the deep blue sea.  The shark is going to eat the shiny glass.  The sharp glass will hurt the inside of the shark's body.  The shark was feeling sick and he dies.  A Seahorse and his friends came to see the dead shark.

The Evil Glass Home by Knox

This home has evil monsters.  It landed in Rarotonga, the monsters never go outside.  The Evil glass home is red and blue.  The red eye stays home so no one steals it.

The Glass House by Zariya

Smash! went the Glass.  Boom! went the lightning. Stomp! there was a crash, it was landing.  It's blue and green. It's on water and it kills sea animals, they die.  There are eleven girls called Dulcie, Eyvannah, Jasleen, Mikayla, Chelsea, Aiza, Safaa, Ivana, Alice, Zariya, Sariya and Kresha.

The Glass House by Rawiri

Suddenly! there was a huge glasshouse with red and pink windows on it.  It's in New York but there was lightening that went into the windows.  Crash! There was a huge wave that went into the house.  Then the light went off the the but torch was still on.  Suddenly someone was coming to the house but it was too late for him.

We have been learning to use exciting sentence starters -can you tell?

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Maori Language Week continued

This week during Maori Language Week we have enjoyed lots of  Maori waiata's, unpacking Maori proverbs every morning, Maori lessons and listening to Maori myths and legends. 
On Wednesday we had fun in the sun learning and responding to Te Reo words for actions. peke-jump, rere-fly, oma-run, huri huri- turn, kani kani- dance, hikoi- march, roto- inside,waro-outside
We know how to count to 20 -rua tekau.
On Friday we learnt what some of our feelings are in Te Reo-
happy- harikoa, sad- pouri, tired-ngenge, thirsty-hiainu, sick-mauiui. We matched pictures with our friends to words in English and Te Reo.

Below are some of the links we have enjoyed this week

Morning waiata- Maori alphabet

Hine plays peacefully-

E Rere Taku poi-

Tutira Mai Nga Iwi-

E Papa Waiari -

Aoteroa -

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Monday- Maori language Week

We started our day doing the roll in Maori. Mrs Hood said
"Morena Tamariki ma." Then she called the roll "Tena koe" to us all one by one. We responded back the same way. 
We learnt a new waiata called Kei te Pehea Koe- it was all about feelings. We also learnt a new Maori proverb.
Whakatauki - kia manawanui.PNG

This afternoon we watched the story 'Mana and the Sun' and made sun pictures with koru patterns on their faces.

Mr Fox Stories

Today we listened to a story about Mr Fox. We retold the story as a whole class. Then we worked with 2 friends and we changed the story a little. We shared our stories with the class, each of us taking turns to add to our story. 
Our Teacher typed our stories up as we shared them. 
We hope you enjoy reading them.

One day Mr Fox woke up and saw an ant on the floor. He grabbed his bag and put the ant in and then
he went off to go to the park. When he was at the park he saw a parrot in a tree and he jumped so
high that he grabbed the parrot. Then he put the parrot in the bag. The parrot ate the ant.
Then Mr Fox went to a farm and went into the stables to see the foals. Then he found a very cute foal
that he wanted to steal but it was too big to fit in the bag. So he put it on a tractor and then he drove
the tractor to the zoo. He went to the elephants and he thought about what elephant to choose.
He chose the smallest one and carried it away. He decided to keep all the animals. He put elephant
and the foal in the backyard and he put the parrot in a cage.
By Ivana and Dulcie

Mr Fox woke up early in the morning. He got his bag and set out to go to his lady friends house. On
the way he saw a beehive, that might be a good present for her. He put it in his bag. Then he saw a
bird in a tree. Then he said “can I leave my bag here?” and he said “make sure you don’t open the bag.”
Then he walked out of sight. Then Mr Fox opened the bag and the bird went out then he saw a cat in
e took the cat instead. The bees got out of the hive and stung the cat. Then he went to the zoo and
got a baby lion but it was too big to fit in his bag so he put the baby lion in his car. When the baby
lion was in the car the bag broke and then the bees stung the baby lion. The baby lion jumped
out of the car and the bees stopped stinging and went back into the hive. Mr Fox drove the car to his
lady friends house and gave her the beehive as a present.
By Aiza, Rawiri and Alice

Mr Fox woke up early in the morning. He went to a hive to see some bees. He put the bees in his bag
and then he went to the pet store. He went to buy a parrot. He put the parrot in his bag and then the
bees stung the parrot. The parrot flew out of the bag. Then he went to a farm to see a horse and a
gorilla. Then the gorilla ate the horse. The gorilla made a mess around the city and the parrot flew to
the sun and he died.
By Chelsea, Sariyah and Arnav

Mr Fox woke up and took his bag and he went to his lady friends, on the way he saw a beehive with
bees and he caught one and put it in his bag. Then he went to the meadow and was sneaking around
to see if he could catch a rabbit. He caught one and put it in his bag. Then he saw a cat in a house
and he grabbed the cat and put it in his bag. After that Mr Fox went to a cave and found a bear. He
caught the bear and put it in a truck. He took the bear to his lady friends house and gave it to her.
By Joesiah, Jackson and Mikayla

Mr Fox woke up and saw an ant on a rock and put it on his bed. Then he got dressed. When he went
outside he saw a spider on his hand and put it in his bag. He lived by the sea and the fish ate the
spider. Then a big whale leapt out from the ocean and Mr Fox got a big boat and put the whale on
the boat. He kept the whale as a pet and fed it fish.
By Knox, Jasleen and Zariya

One day Mr Fox found a ladybird in a purse. Then Mr Fox took the ladybird from the purse and put it
in his bag. Then he went to a shop and went to the counter man and said “can I please leave my bag
here?” and he said “yes.” So Mr Fox left his bag at the shop and he went across the street and got a
drink of water and then the counter man opened the bag and the ladybird flew out. Then a bird
chased the ladybird and it catches it and eats it. Mr Fox came back and said “where’s my ladybird?”
and the counter man said “I opened the bag and it flew away.” Then Mr Fox picked up the bird and
put it in the bag. Then Mr Fox went to a house and asked the lady “can I leave my bag here?” and
the lady said “yes.” Then he went to a lake and went for a swim. Then Mr Fox came back to the
house and the lady opened the bag and the bird flew away and a cat ate the bird. Mr Fox came
back and opened his bag and his bird was gone so he said “I will take your cat” and he put it in his
bag. Then he went to the zoo and he saw a cheetah and he said to the cheetah “can you look
after my bag?” and the cheetah said “yes.” Then Mr Fox went across the street to the dairy. When
Mr Fox came back the cheetah had not opened the bag and Mr Fox said “very good cheetah, you can
have a chocolate!”
By Eyvannah and Bineet

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Poetry Festival

Congratulations to our Room 5 finalists for their fantastic performance today during the Junior School Poetry Festival.
You were all amazing!
Well done to Mikayla for speaking clearly and confidently in her MC role.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Meanies Night Out

Here is our art response to this weeks big book 'Meanies Day Out'


Today we became inventors. We watched a short video clip on 'How to be an inventor'. It was about a small boy who wanted to invent something silent to clean the floor because the vacuum cleaner scared his cat. We discussed what an inventor is and then we sat in a circle while Mrs Hood put all sorts of mainly recyclable materials in the middle. We had a good look at what there was to use. Then we got a whiteboard and draw our invention on it. Once we had shared our design with our teacher we went and took the materials we needed. Tape, cellotape and PVA glue were on tables around the room. We set to work as inventors. Here are some of the things we made. It was great fun!